Monkey Forest Ubud  Ubud

Opening Hours: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Ubud Monkey Forest is one of several big Bali tourist attractions. The monkeys are fun to watch and will come up close - but be careful and don't tease the monkeys too much - especially not with food. Watch out and take especially care of glasses, cameras and other small objects on you. The monkeys will take it if they get a chance and you probably won’t get it back, not undamaged anyway. Book our private Bali tour and Guide - let us guide you through this sight - this way you'll be more safe, get a lot of Bali information's, more relaxed and safe Bali tours.

In a small rainforest you will find Ubud Monkey Forest, where several groups of monkeys (approximately 340 monkeys) and other tropical animals live. The Ubud Monkey Forest is located in the center of Ubud Village. In the Balinese language Monkey Forests is called Wanara Wana.

The monkeys living in Bali, Ubud Monkey Forest, are believed to be holy guardians of the temple Dalem Agung, which is a Bali Hindu Temple located in the middle of Ubud Monkey Forest.

There are not just one, but actual three Holy Bali Tempels in this forest surrounding the monkey forest. The temples are estimated to have been built in the middle of 14 century, in the early governance of Gelgel dynasty.

One of the temples is the Permandian Temple, located in the western side of the forest and the place of Dewa Siwa (Siwa God), one of the Khayangan temple in Padang Tegal Village and the Prajapati temple which is located in the south-eastern side of the forest. Dalem Agung Temple is located in north-western part of the forest and represents the existence of most important temples.

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